The Salad Bag Challenge

We conducted a Salad Bag Challenge where in a series of ocular comparison are made between Fresh Field salad bag and brand x salad bag.  

We took out a 3 day old Fresh Field Salad Green Bag and took a bag of Brand X lettuce in bag which was 3 day old by the time the challenge was conducted.  Both sample were taken on a random basis.  

Definition of Terms :




Fresh Field

Brand X

Moisture level  on leaf surface when bag was opened

relatively dry

relatively dry

Inedible Portions

3 %; all from surface breaks along the salad leaf

17 %; a combination of surface breaks, bruises, advance oxidation (yellowing part).  

Washed ?

Fresh Field, the clear choice


Post Wash Debris

two tiny leaves

Apart from few tiny leaves, we notice a dried leaf floating. 



We suggest that you do your own salad challenge.  But as far as our salad challenge is concern, there is a clear choice !