Fresh Field fresh produce are grown using the best features of hydroponic growing and that of organic growing.   


Our Soil

In organic farming, the farmers are required to improve the soil structure and replenish the lost mineral in the soil using organic materials.     


However, at Lettuce Entertain You Farm Corporation, we are doing something even better.  We do not disturb the soil structure and the mineral level of the soil at all.  We grow our fresh produce using growing medium that can provide good root growth and good moisture retention.  

We use coco peat and volcanic rock as our growing medium.  It is easy to sterilize and very environmental friendly.     >>>


Our Fertilizer

Plants absorb minerals from the soil for healthy growth.  Soil scientist and plant physiologist have, for years, conducted extensive research to establish the range and quantum of such minerals which the plants absorbs from the soil.  It is based on these findings that nutrient formulations are developed for hydroponic cultures.  The fertilizers for hydroponic use are then manufactured under controlled environment from minerals found in soil.  


Kitchen refuse, farm refuse and animal refuse are some of the inputs for organic fertilizer.  These organic matters may harbor pathogens than can jump to the food chain. 

Hydroponic fertilizers are  manufacted from minerals found in soil.


Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, are made from kitchen refuse, farm/garden refuse and animal refuse.  Once pathogens like the salmonella, and e. coli  contaminates the organic materials, it is very difficult to detect until it is too late.  The risk of such pathogens jumping to the food chain is dangerous and is unacceptable.  That is why at Lettuce Entertain You Farm Corporation, we adopt the consumer friendly method - and that is hydroponic culture.

     E. coli is one nasty organism you would not want to jump into the food chain.  It is not easy to detect, to control and to is very dangerous to human health. >>>


Pest Control

Toxic chemicals sprayed against pest may also be toxic to human in concentrated form.  By adopting organic pest control, chemical toxins are not included in the processing and risk of such chemicals entering the food chain is totally nil.  Under organic pest control, we do the following :

  • we practice intercropping;

  • we use physical barriers;

  • we use botanical remedies;

  • we encourage IPM; and

  • farm is located in a none traditional farm area  

In intercropping, you plant the pest target crop with a repellant crop.   By doing so, you  mislead the senses of the pest. >>>



Any form of preservative is not necessary.  With a good cold storage system and with the farm facility located within the market we are serving, the fresh produce are always fresh when it reach your favorite supermarkets and restaurants.


Social Responsibility

With too much issue hanging on the safety of genetically modified produce, we at Lettuce Entertain You Farm Corporation assures you that no produce from our farm can be considered as genetically modified  food.


Social responsibility also means environmental friendly.  Our farming method does not alter the structure and the mineral level of the soil.  As a matter of fact, we also put up measures that prevents fertilizer leeching that eventually may contaminate the ground water with nitrates.


And finally, the Dutch have shown us how safe it is to eat greens grown by hydroponic systems.  To build up its horticultural industry and to fulfill the need for greens, the Dutch has developed hydroponic systems for extensive greens produced in glasshouses.  For several decades, the Dutch have been consuming lettuces, tomatoes, peppers and other greens grown by soil-less system.  During those times, have we read of any adverse health reports on the Dutch population so far, have we ?


Contaminants such is nitrate from organic and none-organic source resulting from  traditional agricultural practices is a very serious threat.  It is the caused by fertilizer leeching into the ground water.  However at Lettuce Entertain You Farm Corporation, we place a film to isolate our growing medium and the top soil.  This, in effect, contains any leeching up to the lower part of the root zone which is easily absorbed by the plant. >>>