Discover delightful leafy tastes and textures of microgreens that put ho-hum curly parsley, carrots, basil, and bok choy as garnishing ingridients to shame.        



the prefered edible garnish


These tiny shoots of vegetables, greens, and herbs are gaining increasing popularity, especially in fancy white tablecloth restaurants where it is currently prized as "the" preferred edible garnish to enhance delicious entrees.

Microgreens are absolutely the most tender and tasty greens you will ever eat and some have a more intense flavor than the full-grown plant. 



Aesthetic and Flavor

People are always looking for something new because a filet's always a filet - you want to do something new and different, introduce new flavors when you can, therefore, Lettuce Entertain You Farm Corporation comes up with FRESH FIELD MicroGreens.

Aesthetically they're striking. But they're more than just a pretty garnish -- they hold an incredibly flavorful essence of a large plant in a tiny, intense package. 
That intense flavor is the reason many chefs scrambling to create dishes enhanced by the tiny leaves. 


Aside from superb taste and visual punch, microgreens also give the dish a little height, which everyone seems to love right now, and a little drama. 





Microgreens add color, flavor and flair to appetizers, mixed green salads, sandwiches, main entrees and even desserts. An edible garnish, delight guests with trendy new microgreens to enhance almost anything. Transform soup with its presence.  



Kitchen Tips 


  • They must be seasoned and dressed gently;

  • A strong vinaigrette drowns the delicate flavor;

  • For best color, flavor, and freshness, use promptly after purchase;

  • To store, keep refrigerated in plastic bag or containers;

  • For optimum flavor, color and texture, use within three days;

  • They can't sit at all as they get soggy -- they must be put on a dish at the last second; and

  • Rinse before use.


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