What's in the Harvest 

Fresh Field Salad Greens

Salad Greens 

(formerly Garden Mix Mesclun). 












Salads are not a new food of the world, but their uses have broadened so much that today they are served anytime, except for breakfast! A symphony of textures and tastes are created when contrasting, but complementary, individual flavors of greens are combined that result in pleasant eating harmony for a fragrant, crunchy, hearty, and light salad. 

All Lettuce Mix.  

A bag full of regular leaf size lettuce of at least three different varieties.  Great for salad and for sandwiches.   


Gourmet Mix.  

If you are a salad lover with a adventurous taste buds, then the gourmet mix is for you.  A bag of gourmet mix includes various types of regular leaf size lettuce and selected specialty greens and/or any substitutes.


European Style (aka Misticanza, Saladini).  

Its gourmet mix with an European twist.  The mix salad greens are all in bite size / baby size - the size Europeans wants their mesclun to be and what mesclun is all about. This is the stage when salad greens are at its best -  tender and succulent.  

A bag of European style garden mix mesclun contains several types and varieties of lettuce, and specialty greens.  It also contains several varieties of hard to find salad greens and grown exclusively by Lettuce Entertainment Farm Corporation.  

Ingredients in each bag may vary and is dependent on availability during harvest. 

Baby Arugula. 

The baby arugula, are gaining popularity steadily as chefs discover their great flavor and refreshing presentation.  

Visually appealing and deliciously bold in flavor, baby arugula's attractive dark green tiny leaves offer a delicate yet spicy taste. Some describe it as a nutty taste with a radish finish.


Create an elegant salad with this tasty, pretty little baby herb. Add its sophisticated spunky flavor to mixed greens; lightly drizzle with a favorite vinaigrette or dressing.



Mache is heavenly delicate, often described as being dear as a bunch of violets, and makes its public appearance in soft clusters called rosettes. The velvety finger-like leaves may be broad or narrow, medium or dark green, spoon-shaped or round. This very special variety of lettuce offers a very unique green-flavored, slightly sweet, nutty, exceptionally mild taste and is said to perk up the spirit like a spring rain. The entire plant is edible.

First Quarter 2003

Fresh Field MicroGreens

Arugula MicroGreens.



Arugula MicroGreens is an absolute favorite. Offering something new and different, salad days are here again with a new colorful twist, taste and texture.
Having light green leaves and somewhat resembling a big sprout, arugula MicroGreens offer a peppery, spicy, absolutely delicious flavor. Unlike its grown-up counterpart whose flavor varies from bunch to bunch, arugula micro green's intense flavor is consistent with every bite. This tiny green has one of those incredible tastes that one craves once you've adopted it, or it, you!

Bulls Blood MicroGreens.


An eye-catching mixture of brilliant burgundy with a touch of green, this beautiful leafy micro green offers an earthy beet flavor. Showing off a stunning appearance, it is especially favored for its colorful visual appeal.
Consider pretty bull's blood MicroGreens as a gift wrap of the kitchen. Line bowls or plates for appetizers and fruit to turn them party pretty. Its super good looks especially loves to dress up savory veal medallions. 


First Quarter 2003

Celery MicroGreens.

Celery MicroGreens delight the taste buds of salad lovers with its tender, crisp and crunchy refreshing texture. A very pretty light green, its flavor offers an intense, almost concentrated, celery taste.





Daikon Top MicroGreens.

Peppery green miniatures are satisfying America's new love for hot, spicy foods!
No shy violet and offering a powerful, quick, spicy taste, peppery daikon top MicroGreens pleasure those who love a snappy bite. Producing dark green leaves on white stems, this tiny green has a strong radish flavor.
A zesty-tasting micro green, press into little bundles as a perfect substitute for wasabi. 


Garnet Red MicroGreens.

Very lovely, tiny burgundy garnet red offers a sweet spinach-like flavor. This tasty tiny vegetable-herb has many culinary virtues that is especially favored by chefs.
Perfect for dressing up and flavoring mixed green salads, this very attractive tiny burgundy micros makes an ideal garnish for a variety of dishes. 

Mizuna MicroGreens.

Delicately beautiful, mizuna MicroGreens produce attractive apple-green tender jagged-edged leaves that offer a deliciously mild double-edged flavor. This particular micro green has a split personality as it is known for its sweet start and tangy finish!
Loved for its flavorful split personality, toss this tasty micro green in a variety of dishes. Other greens love its mixed company. Use as edible garnish for most anything. 


Purple Kohlrabi MicroGreens.

A very pretty little plant, purple kohlrabi MicroGreens produce light purplish-green leaves on a purple stem. Offering a spicy flavor, this tiny green enhances a variety of foods.



Red Russian Kale MicroGreens.

An heirloom, red Russian kale MicroGreens produce flat leaves on a striking pink to purple stem. The smooth, buttery, jagged leaves distinguish this special tiny kale from any other variety.
Add red Russian kale MicroGreens to butter up mixed greens with great taste and color. Use as edible garnish for almost anything. 



Shungiku  MicroGreens.




Shungiku is also known as the chop suey or garland chrysanthemum plant that produces an abundance of flowers and spicy greens. These edible lush leaves are considered a gourmet addition to salads and especially prized by chefs at fine restaurants.
Shungiku is high in vitamins, carotene and iron, plus is said to be very good for alkalinizing the blood.
Simply irresistible for mixed green fresh salads, shungiku never disappoints the taste buds. 



Roma Tomatoes.

A beautiful deep red plum tomato from the farmer's market in Irkutsk, Siberia.  This oval shape tomato average 3-4 oz., and best type for canning, Italian sauces, salsa and juice; with less juice, sauce-making time is half that of salad types ... and, with higher soluble solids and viscosity, flavor is doubled !  Also best type for fresh cooking. 


First Quarter 2003


Red Pear Cherry Tomatoes


Tender and thin-skinned, the juicy texture of red pear cherry tomato is much like that of a vine-ripened tomato. Its addicting flavor is sweet and rich.
Adding rich color and delicious flavor to salads, red cherry pear tomatoes are perfect for tossing in stir-fries the last minute. Make sauce, tomato paste, vegetable drinks and even tomato pie. Whole or cut in half, use this tomato's colorful charm for an attractive edible garnish. 


To store, keep at room temperature for best flavor.


First Quarter 2003

Yellow Pear Cherry Tomatoes



Shaped like a teardrop and resembling a tiny pear, these attractive mildly-flavored tomatoes are about one to two inches long and about one inch in diameter. A vibrant yellow and slightly lemony in taste, and less acidic than the red pear cherry tomatoes.
Especially excellent as a colorful edible garnish, these small meaty delicious tomatoes are perfect in salads. 


First Quarter 2003  

Fresh Field Herbs


A popular herb, basil is one of the most widely known and used herbs in modern cookery. 
The edible leaves of this herb plant have a distinct flavor and aroma. Fresh basil offers a warm, spicy, sweet, and strong flavor that combines anise, clove, and mint.



Rosemary Skewers 

Our rosemary is cultivated for the purpose of being used as a skewer. The flavor of this herb offers the same spicy, sweet, pine-like taste.
Rosemary skewers are used instead of metal skewers for kebobs. Aromatic rosemary enhances the flavor of meats and vegetables placed on the skewer during cooking. To store, wrap in plastic; refrigerate.

Summer of 2003


There is no doubt that tarragon is among the Rolls-Royces of today's culinary herbs. 
Tarragon has a warm and subtle flavor with a bitter sharp bite. The flavor has a rich fullness with a licorice-anise base. This herb enhances the flavor of other herbs when in their company. On its own, tarragon will give its special distinctive flavor, but use gently, as it will dominate. 

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